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Hṛdaya-Granti Bhedanam – Untying the Knots of the Heart (NYC)


We live in perpetual state of identification with and attachment to changing internal conditions and external circumstances, not seeing our true nature. The Ancients said that the cause of this perpetual cycle (saṁsāra) is the bondage of – Avidyā (ignorance), Kāma (desire) and Karma (action) – resulting in the tension and suffering of distorted self-perception, […]

Integral Yoga Institute

Yoga Therapy for Emotional Healing


In this workshop, Gary Kraftsow will present the Yoga therapy perspective and methods for working with anxiety and depression. We’ll focus on psychological aspects of the human system, explore models of the integrated personality that emerge from Vedic teachings and discover the science of meditation that the ancients developed for reducing suffering and cultivating our […]

Willow Street Yoga
Silver Spring, MD

Hṛdaya-Granti Bhedanam – Untying the “Knots of the Heart” (Boulder)


Discover of the “knots of the heart-mind” (hṛdaya-granti) in relation to the bondage of desire, action, and ignorance as they manifest through the cakra-s and influence our feelings, thoughts and behavior. We will use the cakra model to explore these knots that form the framework of our personality and bind us in this life. Untying […]

At 6:00 pm
Earth Yoga Boulder
Lafayette, CO