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SYTAR 2018


SYTAR is IAYT’s annual membership conference dedicated entirely to professional education, research, practice, and policy issues for yoga therapy. This is the premier conference for the field of yoga therapy. While aimed at the experienced yoga therapist, this is also a great opportunity to help you find the right yoga therapist training program for you… […]

Hyatt Regency, Reston, VA

Celebrating TKV Desikachar


June 21, 2018 would have been T. K. V. Desikachar’s 80th birthday. In honor of that event, Kripalu and The Breathing Project have joined forces to host an unprecedented celebration—bringing together some of Desikachar’s best-known students—to pay tribute to the life and work of this exemplary teacher of yoga. Representing the founding core of the […]

Cutting the “Knots” of the Heart


Hṛdaya-Granthi Bhedanam Exploration of the “knots of the heart-mind” (hṛdaya-granti) in relation to the bondage of desire, action, and ignorance as they manifest through the cakra-s and influence our feelings, thoughts and behavior, making use of the cakra model to explore these knots that form the framework of our personality and bind us in this […]

8 Limbs Yoga