What's Included

Here’s what is included in your registration for Leslie Kaminoff’s online Yoga Anatomy course…

  • 9 months of intensive training in all aspects of yoga anatomy, practice, & breathing.
  • Streaming and downloadable video files of each class.
  • Streaming and downloadable audio files of each class.
  • Full text transcriptions of every class (English.)
  • PDFs of class outline / notes.
  • Weekly PDF downloads with course visuals.
  • Live Tuesday chats with Leslie and the international online community.
  • Direct access to a members-only interactive site where Leslie will answer your questions directly.
  • Homework to take you deeper into the material that Leslie will personally review.
  • *Ability to attend any of Leslie’s in-person Yoga Anatomy classes, any time you’re in NYC!* (Any year, any class in the sequence.)
  • Access to like-minded Yogis around the world, and their learning and experience with the course.
  • Continuing education credits applicable to Yoga Alliance standards** (details at bottom.)
  • Certificate of Completion from the course, exactly as if you had been sitting in the NYC studio (upon completion of all homework.)
  • Lifetime Access – every time we update the course or resources in years to come, you benefit!
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