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Click to contact AVI Student Advisor Dona Robinson ( or call 317-938-0123 for more information on any of our Professional Training Programs. Dona is an experienced Viniyoga Teacher and Viniyoga Therapist who can guide you in your yoga career path.

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What to Expect

Viniyoga Foundations Program for Teaching & Yoga Therapy

Each program session begins with an evening orientation followed by five training days, a day off and then five and one-half more training days. Each training day is full and includes 8 - 10 hours of lectures, practice, and small group experiences. A typical day begins with an early morning practice followed by breakfast, a three-hour morning session, a lunch break and a three-hour afternoon session and a 1 - 2 hour early evening session.
Mount Madonna Center (Watsonville, California) is the training location. Our program is structured for availability and accessibility to students from all over the country in a residential retreat format. The eleven day residential format encourages an "unplugging" from your day-to-day activities to immerse in the teachings, create the space for your own personal transformation and enjoy the beautiful mountain retreat setting. There is time at meals and in the evening to connect with the faculty and the program assistants as well as to network with the other students who have a lot to share about their practice and teaching.
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