The American Viniyoga Institute honors the service of our military and their families. We also recognize the powerful healing effect that yoga can have on the structural, physiological, and emotional/spiritual well-being of this population.

Are you a military member or veteran, or a military spouse, and interested in enrolling in our professional training programs?
  • If you are currently on active duty, are active guard or reserve, or are a retiree from one of the 7 uniformed services (USA, USN, USMC, USAF, USCG, USPHS, or NOAA) we offer a modest discount on the tuition for any of our trainings.
  • If you are a military spouse of an active duty member of the USA, USN, USMC or USAF, you may be eligible for DoD support of up to $4000 for our Viniyoga Teacher Training through the MyCAA program
  • The National Military Family Association is another potential source for scholarship support for military spouses of active duty, retirees, and veterans.  Learn more »
  • AVI is not yet eligible for GI Bill/Post 9-11 funding but we continue to pursue this and to seek other sources of support for military students.
Are you interested in providing yoga to military populations?
  • DoD and the Veterans Administration are showing an increasing interest in yoga as a healing modality for injured service members. Viniyoga has been successfully applied in a US Army funded yoga research study. This, along with the NIH-funded study that demonstrated that Viniyoga is effective for low back pain and the Aetna studies demonstrating stress reduction using Viniyoga are excellent evidence-based resources for our Viniyoga teacher and therapist graduates to share with local military/veterans audiences.
  • If you’re an AVI graduate teaching in these venues, we’d love to hear from you and share your story.
  • If you are not yet an AVI student and would like to learn more about how Viniyoga is especially well-suited for service members and their families as they cope with stress and injury, please contact our student advisor, Dona Robinson, or our military advisor, Beth Whitney-Teeple (LtCol, USAF(ret), MSC). We look forward to sharing your yoga journey.
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