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How the Training Works

200-hour Viniyoga Wellness Instructor


Each scheduled weekend will include a combination of lectures, integration practices and experiential exercises in key content areas. In addition, each weekend will include Yoga Philosophy discussions and chanting the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali and Vedic chants consistent with this teaching lineage. Attendance at each scheduled weekend or session is mandatory since the curriculum, integration work, and progression of the training are carefully sequenced to maximize learning and retention. Participation in each session is a pre-requisite for attending the next session.

If you have an extenuating circumstance that results in missed hours, you will be required to make up direct contact hours with the lead instructor or a designee at additional expense.


The Student Manual will be delivered electronically in sections in advance of each scheduled weekend session. The manual sections include powerpoint slide handouts, worksheets and reference materials to assist with key elements of the training. Many of our graduates comment on how they continually go back to the Student Manual to uncover deeper levels of understanding.


Our expectation is that you will have a regular, personal yoga practice. It is your most important learning tool in this program. You will use your personal practice as a tool to deepen your understanding of the didactic and experiential teachings.


There will be home-study assignments due at the start of each weekend session that will be written assignments, theoretical class sequences or personal practice sequences. Home-study will center on personal practice and content taught in the previous weekend.


There will be suggested readings throughout the course to prepare for, reinforce and add additional information to what you are learning each weekend.


Over the course of the training, you will be talking with your mentor (the lead teacher or designee who is a 500-hour Certified Viniyoga Teacher and RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance) by phone or Skype about personal practice, home-study assignments and the final project during three different 30-minute calls. The purpose of mentoring is to help provide:

  • Guidance about your personal practice
  • Refinement for any program content that may be needed (with special attention to sequencing and adaptation)
  • Mentoring on the planning, refinement and teaching of your final project
  • Encouragement for your journey as a yoga practitioner and teacher


Since teaching group classes or workshops requires skill and poise in front of a group, you will do brief 2 presentations during the course of the training, one on Viniyoga and the other on your final project.


You will begin to practice teaching after you have had an opportunity to develop your own personal practice, experience key concepts in integration practices and learn teaching methodology unique to this lineage.


A requirement for completion of the 200-hour Viniyoga Wellness Instructor training is the development, marketing, implementation and evaluation of a final project that includes teaching Viniyoga classes or workshops. The final project is an opportunity for you to deepen, refine and demonstrate your understanding of how to plan and teach a Viniyoga class series. The final project may also help you further the direction for your own work as a yoga teacher.

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