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Explore the transformational power of Viniyoga, right in your own home.

 “Breath-centered āsana practice and prāṇāyāma are among the greatest gifts from the yoga tradition to help us maintain our physiological and metabolic health and well-being, balance our emotions, and clarify our minds.”

— Gary Kraftsow

Prāṇāyāma Unlocked

Prāṇāyāma is considered one of the most powerful practices of yoga. Studies from Harvard, National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and many others have shown amazing benefits ranging from hypertension, stress, depression, anxiety, and as well as connections to core cardiac and respiratory function. Try this FREE PRACTICE.

This 10-hour Master Course includes seven integrated practices with āsana and prāṇāyāma.

Experience the powerful healing effects of prāṇāyāma:

  • Balance your emotions
  • Clarify and sharpen your mind
  • Integrate breath and movement
  • Deepen your breath threshold
  • Understand the energetic effects of breath techniques

Meditation Unlocked

The ancient practice of meditation can be found in most of the world’s religious traditions as a way of linking the heart and mind of the practitioner to sources of guidance, inspiration, and the divine.

During this 10-hour Master Course, you’ll be immersed in seven integrated practices that include āsana, prāṇāyāma, chanting, and meditation. Try this FREE PRACTICE.

Meditation practice in the yoga tradition can help us achieve many aims:

  • Surface and transform dysfunctional patterns
  • Deepen our self-understanding
  • Discover happiness in the present moment
  • Find meaning in the face of the reality of change
  • Actualize our highest potential
  • Uncover our true purpose in life

Yoga Therapy for Depression

This three-hour course explores the inner and outer dimensions of depression and includes two empowering yoga therapy practices. Try this FREE PRACTICE.

You will learn:

  • A breakdown of how depression influences us at multiple levels.
  • The anatomical and physiological symptoms of depression.
  • General and specific yoga therapy management principles for working with states of depression.
  • How to address the inner dimensions of your psychology from a yogic perspective.
  • General recommendations from both the yoga tradition and outside of yoga for anyone suffering from depression.

Healing Addiction: A Yogic Perspective

This course applies the lens of yoga to the pervasive issue of addiction. It’s for people living with any type of addiction—including both substance and behavioral-based addictions—and is designed to provide you with practical tools from yoga that can be used to support you in recovery.

Viniyoga Therapist, Nikki Myers, along with master yoga teachers Gary Kraftsow and Seane Corn, share applicable teachings from yoga philosophy as well as practices to help you stay centered throughout your healing journey.

You will:

  • Get practical tools to help support yourself or a loved one during recovery.
  • Listen to interviews with and stories from students who have been successfully using these tools.
  • Get an integrated yoga practice with Gary Kraftsow that weaves together āsana, breathwork, and the transformative power of mantra and visualization.
  • Get an empowering āsana practice led by Seane Corn that is designed to build self-confidence.
  • Learn how the essential teachings of yoga can be applied to both the root cause of addiction and to the process of healing.

Yoga Therapy for Better Sleep

This five-hour course is designed for people who are experiencing sleep issues and also for Yoga Therapists and yoga teachers who are working with clients or students who experience poor-quality sleep. Even yoga beginners can benefit from the information and materials presented.

What did the Ancients say about sleep?  WATCH A VIDEO from the course in which Gary describes the four stages of consciousness.

During this course you’ll gain an understanding of the factors affecting your sleep and get tools for improving your sleep quality overall, including:

  • An energizing morning practice to engage the major muscle groups and deepen respiratory rhythms.
  • A calming evening practice to draw your attention inward and bring you into a deep state of relaxation.
  • An overview of sleep function, including the yogic perspective on sleep.
  • Yoga Therapy methodologies and principles for adapting and using āsana, prāṇāyāma, chanting, mantra, guided relaxation, and meditation to create an integrated practice for better sleep.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

Many of us live with anxiety and experience its effects on a daily basis.  This in-depth course with two full-length practices for anxiety and lecture is designed for those who seek to understand what lies behind anxiety in order to transform their relationship to it, and ultimately, transcend its impact.  Learn more in this FREE VIDEO from the course describing breath awareness.

It includes:

  • Yoga therapy principles for adapting and applying āsana, prāṇāyāma (breathwork), chanting, mantra, and meditation to create an integrated practice for working with anxiety.
  • Background on the autonomic nervous system and the physiology behind the stress response.
  • Information about the science behind meditation, including its benefits and how it affects our physiology overall.
  • An exploration of the yoga therapy paradigm of bṛṁhaṇa (approximate to the concept of sympathetic activation), laṅghana (approximate to the concept of parasympathetic activation) and samāna (meaning same, equal, or balanced, particularly in relation to sympathetic/parasympathetic regulation).
  • The yogic perspective on the inner dimensions of thought, mood, and behavior; how anxiety manifests in each of these dimensions; and specific tools for studying these levels of the mind in order to examine svābhava, our self-concept, to move toward svarūpa, our true potential.