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May 19-21 2017Seattle, WARegister Now


with Gary Kraftsow


Yoga Therapy for Anxiety & Depression


Emotional health is fundamental to the maintenance of OVERALL health. The ancients understood emotion as the complex interaction between our mood (feeling uneasy or overwhelmed), our cognitive processes (worry or obsession), our behavior (addiction or compulsion) and our physiological responses (sleeplessness or digestive distress).  As a result, they developed practices to reduce troubling emotional states and cultivate positive ones. We'll explore the interaction of these four aspects of emotion and the practices used to transform states of anxiety and depression.  Recognizing the direct influence of thought and emotion on biochemistry and knowing that positive states have a deeply restorative impact on the entire system, we are able to develop certain practices to transform negative qualities of mind, promote general well-being and manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  


Gary will present Yoga therapy methods for working with negative emotions, including leading an integrated practice that provides an example of how to transform states of anxiety and depression and promote a deeply restorative impact on the entire system.

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