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Apr 5-9 2017Austin, TXRegister Now

Continuing Education for AVI Alumni

with Gary Kraftsow

Antaraṅga Sādhana
Building an Integrated practice for Inner Transformation

This intensive is a continuing education opportunity exclusively for AVI-trained teachers and Yoga Therapists.

 You are invited to join Gary Kraftsow and the Saṅga of fellow AVI-trained yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist alumni to:

  • Experience a process for listening to what is arising in yourself or a client.
  • Understand and experience how to reflect on what is arising, what it means and the possible ways to transform
  • Apply āsana, prāṇāyāma, chanting, mantra, mudra/nyāsa, and manasa pūjā in an integrated way for inner practice for yourself, individuals and groups around the theme of transformation.
  • Refresh and deepen your personal practice, teaching and Yoga Therapy work with knowledge, practices and experiential processes.
  • This intensive will focus on learning (śrāvaṇa & manana), practice (nidhidhyāsana), and teaching (paṭhana) – in the intimate saṅga of fellow AVI alumni.

 You will receive 25+ direct contact hours of continuing education.



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