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Apr 8-12 2015Austin, TexasRegister Now

Heart-Mind Retreat

with Gary Kraftsow and faculty

The focus of our 2015 Heart-Mind Retreat will be on exploring and transforming our patterns of thought, mood, and behavior.  We will draw upon the teachings of yoga and tantra, including navigation systems given by models such as the cakra and the antarayah systems, and the meditation methods of self-reflection and svādhyāya. Our practices will include the use of āsana, prāṇāyāma, and mantra as well.

Whether you are just taking your first steps on the Yoga path or are an experienced Yoga teacher, please join us for a special time of personal integration and transformation using the inner practices of yoga.
Participants at the 2015 Heart-Mind Retreat will leave with one deep practice to use throughout the year to continue the work of self-reflection and self-transformation.
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