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Mirka Scalco Kraftsow, AVI Director of  Teacher Development

Mirka has been a health practitioner and educator since 1974 and a Yoga teacher in the Viniyoga™ methodology since 1981 and a Yoga Therapist since 1988. Over the years Mirka has helped hundreds of individuals develop and maintain a personal practice and manage challenging personal and therapeutic conditions.

Born and raised in Italy, Mirka traveled and studied different modalities of dance, movement, psychology and meditation in India, Europe and the United States.

Mirka's vision to train and support Yoga teachers has been fundamental to the growth and development of the American Viniyoga Institute. Mirka has a unique ability to develop quality Yoga teachers and support them in their personal and professional growth.

An experienced presenter with a personal touch, Mirka guides participants through deep experiences with all the tools of Yoga. She masterfully weaves a tapestry of the teachings of Yoga, with special focus on the kosha-s and the eight-limbed path of Patanjali. Using the artistry of language and the science of Yoga, Mirka's workshops connect students to their inner Self while deepening understanding of the ancient teachings.

Mirka is gifted with both the capacity and the passion to creatively communicate and work in private consultation, both in person and on the telephone, and her work has enriched the experience of students of many yoga modalities all around the world. In group classes, she uses her extensive background to integrate body awareness and imagery with the Viniyoga principles. Mirka's own experience and intuition strongly influence her teachings, as do tradition, creativity, innovation, and evolution.

Mirka's philosophy is comprehensive; all aspects of practice – physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual – are addressed in each practice session. Mirka believes this creates not only a balanced practice, but also a balanced life.

Mirka is dedicated to making the transformative teachings of Viniyoga accessible to all who are interested, through innovative at-home opportunities, as well as traditional live events. Her masterful and compassionate style is equally compelling via phone, recording, or on location. She has a variety events throughout the year to for both new and experienced practitioners as well as Yoga teachers.

One of her keystone events is an annual retreat in Assisi Italy where she leads participants through an intimate experience of the tools of Yoga inspired by stories of the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare. To give you a sense of Mirka and her gift as a teacher, you are invited to enjoy this short video from the Assisi retreat in 2012.

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