Meet a Viniyoga Therapist - Lynn Weinberger, Sonoma, CA

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 -

Lynn Weinberger began practicing yoga while serving with her husband in the Peace Corps in India. The study and practice of the full range of yoga sustained their health and wellbeing in the face of a variety of challenging conditions. Some 30 years after this initial exposure, and following much intensive exploration, Lynn found her yoga home in Viniyoga. “I am grateful to all my teachers, and to the precious friendships I have formed through my rich relationship to the AVI community." 

Today, Lynn, now 68, teaches at several studios in Sonoma, California and sees private clients. She is an invited faculty member to trainings – and occasionally assists Gary Kraftsow at workshops. She appears in the Pranamaya DVD Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders. 

For Lynn, yoga is a “forever, lifetime learning” experience. She maintains an extensive personal library and uses this and online resources to research conditions and other topics to support her students. She often begins her classes with presentations of her latest research and findings in areas of health and well-being. Her students are excited about the learning and the yoga they share. “I am never more satisfied than when I can see that my work helps someone”, Lynn says.

I am never more satisfied than when I can see that my work helps someone.

-Lynn Weinberger
AVI Yoga Therapist Graduate

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