Monday, July 11, 2011 -

Gary Kraftsow and Corey Kelly from TriBalance Yoga at the Art and Science of Sequencing Session

"A mantra practice is like a psycho-emotional digestive enzyme that dissolves neuroses."

--Gary Kraftsow in the Yoga Journal Conference-Grand Geneva session,

"Tantric Yoga Meditation and the Heart-Mind."

From the pastoral glacial moraine of Lake Geneva, WI, Gary Kraftsow is wrapping up his 4th day at the Yoga Journal Conference at Grand Geneva.  Through the course of the conference, Gary has worked through a comprehensive view of yoga with sessions on evidence-based Viniyoga Therapy for structural conditions, sequencing asana practice, pranayama and bandha, meditation and the heart-mind, evidence-based Viniyoga Therapy for stress management and today, Viniyoga Therapy for emotional conditions. 

Gary's next workshop is this coming weekend in Portland, Oregon where he presents Journey to OneSelf; Harnessing the Power of the Body, Breath, and Mood and Thought at Yoga Shala.  FOR MORE INFORMATION

Gary Kraftsow at the Evidence-Based Viniyoga Therapy for Structural Conditions session

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