Expand and Enrich Western Health Care with Yoga Science

Saturday, April 30, 2011 -

Robin: "If we limit yoga research to evidenced based research are we missing some of the yoga?"

Gary: "We are doing something different with evidenced based research. It is not quantifying the benefits of yoga, the deeper benefits of yoga, it is quantifying the effectiveness of yoga therapeutic applications for specific conditions. So this is not the full spectrum of yoga. This is one piece of yoga, this yoga therapy aspect. Yoga is a much broader condition. We are not reducing yoga to yoga therapy.

At the same time we are elevating the professionalism of yoga, creating an alternate track for yoga teachers to deepen their understanding of yoga and its application and a career path for yoga therapists and an opportunity for the health care industry to have more education in self-care.

What I am hearing from the insurance executives is that they are in a crisis and they are wanting to be part of the paradigm shift from illness based to wellness based medicine, from pharmaceutical and hospital centric medicine to patient and self-care centric medicine. Our yoga research is not to reduce yoga to Western health care but to expand the opportunities within Western health care and to enrich Western health care with yoga science. One path to doing it is to gain recognition with those that are still looking for the qualification of evidenced-based."

Gary Kraftsow's yoga therapy comments in his interview with Robin Rothenberg - Living Yoga Radio and AVI Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Graduate August 2010, transcribed by Mary Lou Mellinger.

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