AVI 2010 Yoga Therapy Class Commencement

Thursday, June 16, 2011 -

On April 16, 2011,  fifty AVI Yoga Therapist Training students and five very proud AVI teaching staff members(Gary Kraftsow, Clare Collins, Mary Hallway, Juris Zinsburg and Dawn Summers) participated in a commencement and certification celebration at Mt. Madonna Center for the AVI class of 2010.   Hailing from as far away as London, Australia and Puerto Rico,  the 2010 Yoga Therapist Training students are diverse, creative and deeply committed to the practice of Yoga and Yoga therapy.   Graduates have completed the AVI Teacher Training Program or Foundation for Yoga Therapy program, three intensive two week training modules, numerous case studies and assignments, 100 hours of work with clients and an indepth final project on Yoga therapy with groups or individuals with a health condition.
As the sun set in our flower strewn and candle lit classroom at Mt. Madonna, Gary reminded us that a commencement is a beginning.   We eagerly anticipate hearing how this talented group of practitioners brings Yoga and Yoga therapy in unique ways into diverse settings.
Clare Collins
Viniyoga Therapist Training Coordinator

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